The Blended Grain

A Sublime expression of blended grain whisky with an elegant sweetness, the perfect accompaniment to fine cuisine and celebratory moments.

a soft and sweet blended grain

The latest addition to Royal Salute’s Classic Blend’s Collection, The Blended Grain is masterfully crafted from the finest grain whiskies, each aged for a minimum of 21 years. The blend is solely matured in American oak casks, bringing a remarkably sweet, smooth finish to the blend. A delightfully easy-drinking whisky perfectly paired with fine cuisine.

The Blended grain is the first Royal Salute blend to be housed in a clear glass flagon. Witness its rich amber glow as it catches the light before you take your first sip.

Tasting notes


On the nose, discover notes of juicy peach and red apple, sweet honeycomb, creamy vanilla, sugared almonds and a hint of a Spring floral bouquet.


Notes of soft caramel, honey and vanilla, sweet apricot, ripe pear, marzipan sweets and white chocolate. The nuttiness of walnut, hazelnut and toasted oak complement the sweetness.


Smooth and sweet with enduring honeycomb.

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