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The Signature Blend

Crafted in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s
Coronation, there’s history and legacy in each measure.
A royal tribute that’s British to the core.

the whisky that started it all

Created as a gift for a new queen, The Signature Blend is sophisticated and opulent in character; truly befitting of such a momentous occasion. The result of a selection of rare and exceptional Scotch whiskies aged for a minimum of 21 years, its remarkably rich and elegant profile brings a touch of regal refinement to any celebration.

Housed in an iconic sapphire blue flagon reminiscent of the stones in the Crown Jewels, the Signature Blend is the flagship whisky of the Royal Salute collection, it’s multi award-winning blend unchanged since 1953.

Tasting notes


On the nose, notes of sweet pears and citrus fruits are balanced with the soft fragrance of autumn flowers. An elegant blend of vanilla and dry oak is crowed with subtle notes of sherry and a whisp of smoke.


In the mouth, the welcome warmth of orange marmalade and fresh pears is followed by a brave explosion of spices and hazelnut. After the intensity of fruity flavours, a touch of soft smoke lingers.


Long, dry and slightly spicy.

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