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The Polo Estancia Edition

The first edition of a new collection which aims to celebrate
iconic polo destinations, The 21-Year-Old Polo Estancia Edition
pays homage to what is universally known as the ‘home of polo’ – Argentina.


While Polo was not born in Argentina, today the destination is universally recognized as the mecca of the sport, home to the world’s most famous players and legendary Estancias.

Argentinian Malbec wine is characterized by its deep colour and intense fruity flavours. The Polo Estancia blend was fully finished in top of the range Malbec wine casks from the high altitude ‘boutique terroir’ of Cafayate. The finish is a meticulous process that requires a talented Master Blender to reach the exact desired profile and ensure the strength of flavours of the Malbec do not overpower the more delicate aged notes within the Royal Salute whiskies.

Tasting notes


Rich and fruity overlaid with notes of raspberries and blackberries, reminiscent of a luxurious berry compote with a hint of sweet liquorice.


Rich and sweet with wonderful spicy cinnamon notes followed by plum jam and indulgent dark chocolate ginger sweets.


Long and sweet with a slightly dry crescendo.

Polo & Argentina: Polo and Argentina are a perfect fit – the grassy expanse of the pampas would be used by the locals to learn horsemanship, which is why many of the sport’s top players hail from Argentina.

The Estancia: Estancias, once large private plots of land for farming, have since become inviting havens for polo players and travellers to enjoy the warm and convivial Argentinian lifestyle.

The Malbec: Malbec was brought over to Argentina in the 19th century where the high altitude and sun-bathed region allowed it to thrive. Today it is arguably the prized gem of Argentinian winemaking.

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