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The Stone of Destiny

The bedrock of the British monarchy, the Stone of Destiny has
been the coronation seat of kings and queens for centuries.

A tribute to our proud Scottish heritage

Comprised of an extraordinary collection of rare and fine whiskies, all matured for at least 38 years, the blend marks a fitting tribute to the proud Scottish heritage of Royal Salute and to the birthplace of Scotch whisky.

The 38 Year Old takes inspiration from the Stone of Destiny, a legendary symbol of Scotland’s Monarchy. Now housed at Edinburgh Castle, this sacred object has been an integral part of the inauguration ceremony of Kings and Queens for centuries.

Tasting notes


Full, with the richness of dried fruits, assertive spiciness and a deep floral fragrance.


Full, deep aromas of cedar wood and almonds with a rich, sherried oakiness.


Full, long and lingering.

All Kings and Queens of Scotland have their own unique stories, but what entwines them is being crowned atop the Stone of Destiny at Scone Palace. The gift box design pays tribute to the unique journey of each ruling monarch and their ability to influence their own destiny. The Royal Salute 38 Year Old Stone of Destiny is the epitome of highly aged Scotch whisky, with an intense character that only time can create.

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