The Precious Jewel


Royal Salute 32 Year Old The Precious Jewel celebrates one of the strongest symbols of Scottish pride and nationhood – the Honours of Scotland.

This revered blend was created from rare of whiskies gathered from the five regions of Scotland, and carefully safeguarded in our treasured vaults.

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Aged for a minimum of 32 years, The Precious Jewel has a subtlety of flavour that only time can create.


Lower your head to the glass and breathe in a rich aroma. Discover peaches in sweet syrup, soft caramel toffee, cinnamon and just a hint of dark chocolate.


The taste is pure pleasure. Smooth orange notes are balanced with soft, ripe pear and a touch of moist ginger cake. The finish is gratifyingly long.

A hidden gem waiting to be discovered

The Inspiration


Upholding Royal Salute’s legacy for crafting some of the rarest and most sought-after Scotch Whiskies, The 32 Year Old takes inspiration from The Honours of Scotland, an iconic set of jewels belonging to the British Monarchy that have long since been protected by the Scots and hidden away from those who sought to destroy them.


The Design


Much like the tapestries adorning the walls of British royal palaces, the design is filled with intricate details that bring to life the incredible stories connected to the British Monarchy, Scottish landscape and flavour profile of the whisky itself.

Royal Salute 32 Year Old The Precious Jewel is a combination of magnificent whiskies and offers a true sip of history.