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The Richard Quinn Edition

In the first edition of a striking collection celebrating
the world of Couture, Royal Salute is proud to collaborate
with acclaimed British fashion designer, Richard Quinn.

masterful blending and daring design

Combining masterful blending and daring design, the 21-Year-Old Richard Quinn edition brings together two worlds of craft.

In a bold statement of style and elegance, the blend is housed in a re-imagined porcelain flagon, available in black and white. The flagon is embellished with a petals and thorns motif, personally designed by Richard Quinn. The whisky was fashioned by Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop using 31 fine malts – one for each year of the designer’s age at the time of the blend’s release, resulting in a floral, fragrant blend with a rich and indulgent finish.

Tasting notes


On the nose, lively touches of exotic fruit with notes of mango and banana, complemented by round and creamy vanilla fudge and cinnamon, and a subtle hint of roasted chestnuts.


Rich and sweet with indulgent apricot and mango notes, followed by vanilla, chocolate and ginger spice.


Rich and long, with enduring floral sweetness.

Richard Quinn graduated from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins Arts and Design School before winning ‘British Emerging Talent – Womenswear’ at the 2018 Fashion Awards, as well as the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. Riotous florals, heavy pearls and a fresh take on latex signal Richard Quinn’s distinctive signature style.

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