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Fashion Royalty


The ultimate welcome cocktail. This recipe is light and refreshing, with a spicy kick and garnished with a bay leaf.




  • 40ml/1.35fl oz Royal Salute Richard Quinn Edition
  • 25ml/0.85fl oz Bay leaf sherry cordial*
  • 75ml/2.5 fl oz tonic water
  • *To make the bay leaf sherry cordial:
  • Pour 300ml dry sherry in a pan, add 10gr dried bay leaves and 6gr crushed white pepper, let it simmer for 10 min.
  • Strain the mix to separate the leaves and the pepper from the sherry, then coffee filter strain the infused sherry to make it clear.
  • Add 180gr caster sugar and 4gr citric acid to the sherry and stir it to dissolve. Yield: 300 ml


  • Combine in a Royal Salute branded tumbler over ice
  • Top with tonic water

At its best…

Served in a tumbler with a single cube of ice and garnished with a bay leaf. Light and refreshing with a spicy kick, this is the ultimate welcome cocktail.