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Petals and Thorns


A showstopping cocktail. This recipe is elegant, bold, and made to stand out, just like Richard Quinn’s remarkable couture creations.




  • 40ml/1.35fl oz Royal Salute Richard Quinn Edition
  • 20ml/0.67fl oz mango wine
  • 20ml/0.67fl oz pandan syrup*
  • 15ml/0.5fl oz red verjus

*To make the pandan syrup, you’ll need:

  • 350ml Water
  • 40gr fresh Pandan Leaves
  • 600gr Caster Sugar
  • Chop the leaves to 5 cm length and leave to infuse in freshly boiled water for 1 hour.
  • Fine strain and add the sugar


  • Prepare the black sugar by spraying some fine white sugar with several coats of edible black charcoal spray
  • Place the black sugar into a barista-style cocoa shaker and coat the glasses all over, (excluding the stem/ base)
  • Prepare the cocktail by gathering all ingredients and shaking over ice
  • Pour into the specially prepared glasses

At its best…

Best served at VIP occasions. Bold and elegant, this cocktail is made to stand out.