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Lunar New Year Special Edition

The Lunar New Year Special Edition was designed to celebrate
the arrival of this momentous occasion.

Rich and luxuriously decadent

This special edition features a stunning array of symbolic elements including drums, lanterns and celebratory streamers, to bring you and your family fortune and prosperity in the coming year.

Royal Salute partnered with renowned Chinese illustrator and visual designer, Yunshu Li, to reinterpret the ‘Ignite the New Year’ concept. Born in China and now based in Shanghai, Yunshu beautifully fuses colour and modernity in her illustration to match the vibrancy of the festivities. Her intricate visuals bring to life a sense of hope and happiness through the exquisite new design, which captures the cultural significance of the occasion.
In the playful design, floral bouquets representing symbolic wishes of happiness, growth, prosperity, and love are intertwined with icons from across the globe, to capture Royal Salute’s authentic heritage in moments of celebration.

Tasting notes


Powerful aromas of sweet pears and citrus fruits are balanced with the full fragrance of autumn flowers. Elegant aromas of sweet vanilla and dry oak are enhanced with subtle notes of sherry and smoke.


Rich, Full, deep fruity flavours with a subtle smokiness. The first taste of Royal Salute brings the subtleties of the nose to life. Sumptuous sweet orange and marmalade flavours infused with fresh pears burst across the tongue. The second taste brings in a rich medley of spices and a nuttiness of hazelnuts that have a mouth-filling intensity and then the final warmth from hints of masculine smokiness.


Dry and slightly spicy

‘As flowers blossom, lanterns are lit and fireworks burst into the sky, we begin the global celebration of the New Year. With this special edition of Royal Salute, dispersing gifts and joy, travel with me to lands full of wonder, finding joy and happiness along the way.’
Yunshu Li.

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