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Lunar New Year Special Edition


The Lunar New Year Special Edition was designed to celebrate the arrival of this momentous occasion.

This special edition features a stunning array of symbolic elements including drums, lanterns and celebratory streamers, to bring you and your family fortune and prosperity in the coming year.

Housed in a beautifully hand-crafted ruby flagon, our iconic 21-Year-Old Signature Blend is bursting with flavours of ripe fruits, autumn flowers, hazelnuts, and a hint of sherry spice.


Ignite the New Year with the perfect gift to bring your celebrations to life.

Introducing Trajan Jia

The Artist


This year Royal Salute partnered with renowned Chinese illustrator and visual designer, Trajan Jia, to interpret the ‘Ignite the New Year’ concept.


Born in China and now based in London, Trajan’s work is defined by eastern aesthetics with a contemporary twist. His exquisitely intricate visuals take inspiration from Chinese traditional painting, literature and historical culture.



The Design


Inspired by Lunar New Year celebrations as well as Royal Salute’s rich heritage, Trajan’s design features a stunning array of illustrations taken from cultures across Asia as a symbol of this wonderous global occasion.

Trajan Jia


“With my design, I aimed to capture the spirit of this wonderous occasion, the joy of people coming together to celebrate something truly magical. Combining cultural symbols of the festival with the rich heritage of Royal Salute, the illustration embodies the union of two enchanting worlds.”