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Welcome to the

Majestic City of Jodhpur, India

The birthplace of Modern Polo

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The Blue City

Step into the Blue City and soak up the sights of Jodhpur.

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The Palace

An iconic landmark of the Blue City.

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The Bar

Experience a sweet taste of India with our Polo Jodhpur cocktails.

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The Polo Field

Delve deeper into the glamourous world of Polo.

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The perfect location to watch the thundering polo match on the grounds below, enjoy a cool dram of The Polo Jodhpur Edition and admire the sights of the city.

The Packaging

Discover the inspiration behind the
Polo Jodhpur Edition’s enchanting gift box.

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The Blend

Journey through the exotic flavours
of the Polo Jodhpur Edition.

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Meet the Master Blender

Discover the inspiration and blending process behind this unique whisky.

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