The Platinum Punch

Show-stopping, celebratory and refreshing

A twist on the classic English punch to celebrate a very special moment in time.

Ingredients | Serves 10

  • 450ml Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Signature Blend
  • 200ml Lillet Rosé
  • 200ml Cooled Rosehip Tea 
  • 80ml Raspberry Syrup
  • 100ml Water for dilution – if batching
  • 1 Sliced Lemon
  • Mint Sprigs
  • Seasonal Edible Flowers


  • • Prepare rosehip tea by brewing two tea bags in 200ml water for 10 minutes
  • • Remove bags and allow to cool. Alternatively, add 50g chopped rosehips to 200ml of water and brew for 10 minutes, strain and allow to cool
  • • Once tea has cooled, add all liquid ingredients together
  • • If batching, add 100ml water for dilution and add lemon slices to batch before serving
  • • If serving from a punch bowl, add liquids and lemons slices, stir, then add ice
  • • Pour 100ml over speciality ice and smack mint sprig over cocktail to release aroma, discard mint

  • * To create speciality ice freeze fresh fruit or edible flowers into ice cubes

At its best…

  • Served in a tumbler with a large single cube of speciality ice and/or garnished with delicate edible flowers

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