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The Richard Quinn
Edition II

A brand new blend inspired by the original Richard Quinn Edition liquid,
the second edition has a deeper more mature character,
reflecting the evolution of our partnership.

channelling the creativity of collaboration

A bold celebration of craft, heritage and self-expression, the Richard Quinn Edition II is a deeper exploration into Richard’s iconic design style.

Showcasing his love for traditional floral patterns mixed with a touch of daring modernity. A nod to the rapidly evolving world of fashion, the collaboration heroes the power of imagination and creativity, transporting us to future landscapes inspired by the enchantment and wonder of the Royal Salute Kingdom.

Richard Quinn

Tasting notes


On the nose, lively touches of exotic fruit with notes of mango and banana, complemented by round and creamy vanilla fudge and cinnamon, and a subtle hint of roasted chestnuts.


Rich and fruity with accents of sweet strawberry jam, pear and peaches, a touch of honey blossom is subtly balanced by oak spices and a wisp of sweet smoke.


Smooth and complex with a lingering whisper of smoke.

The Blend

To create the bespoke blend for The Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Richard Quinn Edition II, Richard visited the historic Strathisla Distillery to conduct a co-blending session with Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop.

The finest Scotch whiskies from Braeval, Strathisla and Caperdonich distilleries were hand-selected and blended to reflect Richard’s personal palate, creating a balanced and opulent whisky with a remarkable depth of flavour. Meticulously sampling and selecting a range of the finest 21-year-old whiskies, the pair created the perfect balance of flavours to represent the depth and maturity of our ongoing partnership

Heroing his iconic floral prints, the three striking flagons are adorned with beautiful bespoke patterns, each daringly bold and vibrant in classic Quinn style. This truly unique collection pays tribute to the limitless wonder of creativity and imagination in the enchanting world of fashion.