Time Series

A true collector’s item, this exceptional 52 year old
is the pinnacle of an authentic journey
into the Master Blender’s artistry.

A distinctive time-honoured Scotch whisky

Unique, distinguished, exquisite. Only time can create such a revered expression. With only 106 precious bottles drawn from a superb single cask, The 52YO Time Series is a true collector’s item.

Matured for over half a century with its final 14 years spent in a single cask, this exceptional 52 Year Old blend demonstrates the value of enduring patience over the years. Each decade in oak has slowly refined the blend, infusing it with another unique quality to create a timeless gem. A tribute to the unparalleled art of blending.

Tasting notes


Intensely fruity with notes of ripe plums, toffee apples, dark chocolate covered hazelnuts and a sensation of sweet aromatic oak.


Sweet orange marmalade with a touch of ginger and scented cloves intermingled with soft ripe pears in syrup and a tantalising touch of liquorice. The 14 years cask finish has brought an amazing creamy sweet texture to the whisky with enhanced notes of toffee and vanilla.


Long and Incredibly well balanced with a sweet finish.

Only the most elegant vessel is fine enough for such a precious liquid, with each crystal decanter delicately hand-blown by expert craftsmen. After over half a century of maturation, with each decade bringing a new depth of flavour and development in character, this exquisite 52YO single cask finish is the embodiment of passion, dedication and craftsmanship.

Five rings of wood echo the five exceptional decades of patient maturation of this exquisite blend. Out of its 52 years, the last 14 were spent fully finishing in a single oak cask. An unprecedented expression of rare and remarkable whiskies, The Time Series 52YO pays tribute to Royal Salute’s most precious ingredient… Time.