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Olfactory Studio

Exceptional whisky delights all the senses. At the Royal Salute Olfactory Studio, you will discover a fresh dimension of enjoyment.

Join Royal Salute’s Creative Advisor, the Master Perfumer Barnabé Fillion, for a journey into the realm of the senses. Barnabé contends that 95% of the tasting experience happens in the nose, and it is his pleasure to guide you to a finer appreciation of great whiskies.

At his Olfactory Studio, Barnabé invites you to delve more deeply into the experience of Royal Salute blends, exploring the flavours, aromas and more.

In a multi-sensory presentation, you will be presented with a visual feast in the setting and its surroundings, bespoke fragrances that echo the scents inherent in the whisky you’re tasting, and rare objects whose very touch will help to fix each aroma in your mind.

A uniquely enlightening experience, the Olfactory Studio is an opportunity to explore new dimensions of pleasure and enhance your enjoyment of whisky forever.