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Polo Estancia Cocktails Header


The Kensington


A spiced after-dinner cocktail, reflecting the warm and convivial atmosphere of the Argentinian estancia. Bursting with rich flavours of sherry, full-bodied Malbec and ripe banana sweetness.




  • 40ml/ 1.35fl oz Royal Salute Polo Estancia Edition
  • 10ml/ 2 teaspoons Manzanilla Sherry
  • 10ml/ 2 teaspoons Malbec & Banana Reduction*


  • Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass
  • Stir for few seconds
  • Pour into a tumbler over ice block

*To make the Malbec & Banana Reduction:

  • Cook in a covered pan for 25 minutes 250g caster sugar, 300g Malbec, 200g Dubonnet, 500g sliced banana (peel on).
  • Then fine strain.

At its best…

Served in a tumbler with a single cube of ice and a garnish of dried banana and bay leaf. A warming evening cocktail or nightcap at the end of a summer’s evening.