Time Chamber By Conrad Shawcross

Discover the Second Edition of The Art of Wonder, a celebration of the transformative power of creativity and the inspiring parallels between the world of art and the craft of whisky making.

In this magnificent second edition, Royal Salute is proud to collaborate with critically acclaimed British artist Conrad Shawcross, to produce an ultra-limited-edition collector’s item inspired by his unique perspective on our illustrious aged whiskies.

The Collaboration

Conrad Shawcross has had a deep fascination with the concept of Time for over two decades, interrogating how time and space are interwoven through his complex and mesmerising mechanical structures. Naturally, the concept of Time within the world of whisky was the area he chose to explore for his Royal Salute collaboration. 

To communicate the concept of the expanse of Time, and pay tribute to the vast amount of Time contained within the exceptional 53-Year-Old Royal Salute whisky that’s paired with his work, Shawcross turned to the medium of glass. He discovered that when spun in a high-powered furnace, optical glass expands outwards and forms into flat discs, each producing their own unique pattern of ripples on the surface – akin to the creation and expansion of our galaxy.

“I was struck by the Royal Salute phrase ‘we begin where others end’, so the main thing I focused on in this project was the way that Time is effecting change.”

Each of the 21 pieces in the Royal Salute Time Chamber by Conrad Shawcross collection feature a magnificent hand-spun glass disk connected to a crystal decanter and oak spindle that pierces the centre of the disk. The construction of the piece represents ‘a vector of time’ that implies strong directionality, a way for Shawcross to demonstrate how Time simultaneously operates in many ways. At its most fundamental, Shawcross’ work is meant to help us shift our perspectives around time. Instead of perceiving it as an intangible phenomenon dictating our daily lives, we should understand that Time also shapes our physical universe.

Designed to be displayed at an angle, the piece casts spectacular shadows when under a light source, unlocking another dimension of revelation and allure within the sculpture – a truly remarkable art piece fit for the contemporary collector.

Tasting Notes

The Blend

A blend of the most precious whiskies in the Royal Salute collection aged for an astonishing 53 years, Royal Salute Time Chamber by Conrad Shawcross is a whisky of exquisite distinction. The 53-year-old age statement is a tribute to the year in which Royal Salute was first created, 1953, as a gift for Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation day.

Incredibly rich and complex in character, the magnificent liquid can be withdrawn from the decanter by a valinch — a custom version of the tool traditionally used in the ritual of extracting and sampling whiskies from their casks.


Nose – An immediately fruity nose revealing notes of rich plums, juicy pineapple and fresh mandarines, combined with lavish notes of white chocolate, maple syrup and orange zest.

Palate – The palate deepens the symphony of fruit sensations, with juicy blueberries, sweet red apples, poached plums and homemade apricot jam that give way to complex constructions of rich toffee, homemade shortbread, roasted almonds and spicy stem ginger.

Finish – Remarkably long with a subtle hint of spice.

Introducing Conrad Shawcross

Conrad Shawcross is a British artist internationally renowned for his innovative, thought-provoking installations. One of the youngest members to be elected to London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Arts, he has built his practice around works which blur the boundaries between art, physics, mathematics and philosophy. Imbued with the appearance of scientific rationality, his creations explore complex mathematical and scientific concepts through mesmerising mechanical structures, geometric forms, light, and movement.

To learn more about Conrad Shawcross and his inspiration, follow the link below.


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