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Sandy Hyslop

Director of Blending

A Scotch whisky legend with over 30 years’ experience in blending Scotch whisky, Sandy Hyslop is Royal Salute’s Director of Blending & Inventory.

Sandy started working in the whisky industry in 1983 as a Quality Controller at a whisky plant in Dundee. At a very early stage he was asked to assess whisky samples and showed a natural aptitude.

In September 2016, Sandy took on the newly-created, prestigious role of Director of Blending across all of Chivas Brothers’ blended Scotch whisky. In this role Sandy leads the Royal Salute Blending Team.

Royal Salute has a richness and a depth of character of orchard fruit flavours that are unbelievably opulent.

With an emphasis on quality at all times, Sandy’s good-humoured nature and commitment to excellence is very much in keeping with Chivas Brothers’ ethos.