History and Heritage

Our Story

Inspired by a passion for tradition, born as a tribute to a queen, crafted with a desire for perfection. The story of Royal Salute is unlike any other whisky.

In 1953, the young Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne. The occasion called for a tribute fit for a queen and so an exquisite blend was created using whisky from Strathisla, the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands. It was given the name Royal Salute – after the famous 21-gun-salute – and so began the story of a remarkable whisky.

To this day, Royal Salute has marked each significant event in the lives of the British Monarchy and is unique in having only ever used whiskies aged at least 21 years in its blends. It is this unique commitment to quality and tradition that has given rise to the informal motto, “We Begin Where Others End”.

Royal Salute Blended Scotch Whisky Story

You will find Royal Salute’s exceptional whiskies at parties and polo matches around the world, as a new breed of admirers raise a glass to tradition.

Times change.
People change.
Majesty endures.

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The Art of Blending

Only the fifth Master Blender in the history of Royal Salute, Sandy Hyslop has perhaps the most enviable, and the most pressurised, job in Speyside.

At his disposal is one of the most valuable collections of whiskies in the world. Created by Royal Salute master blenders over the years, Sandy uses this unique selection of rare, aged liquids to weave their individual qualities together to create nothing short of magic.

It’s often said that Royal Salute begins where others end. But what does that mean?

In fact, although it may sound profound, it’s really quite simple: the youngest whisky in any Royal Salute blend is at least 21 years old. So at an age where some distilleries bottle their finest drop, this distillery considers it only just about ready.

The blend of aged whiskies, of old and new, of tradition and innovation is what elevates Royal Salute to a higher echelon. It’s why it’s often called the ‘King of Whisky’.

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The Craft

To hold a glass of Royal Salute in your hand is to understand the value of true craft.

Every drop of whisky is made with expertise and care, but it really begins with people. Before anything great can be created, a masterful team must be assembled.

At Royal Salute, everyone involved in the process – from the Master Blender laying down the liquids in their casks to the artisan crafting the presentation box – has a passion for perfection.

This instinctive drive for quality is inherent in everything Royal Salute does. Above all, it’s in the whisky itself, in the rich colours, the evocative aromas and the glorious flavours.

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